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Welcome to The Hocky Farm

Power Skating and Hockey Skills Training on Synthetic Ice ALL Year Round !!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Hockey Farm, your source for personalized hockey instruction. Coach Brendan Reilly Jr., a former junior player and Certified USA Hockey Level III coach, offers instruction in the basic hockey fundamentals of shooting, power skating, and stick handling.

All lessons are held on-site at Coach Reilly’s 1800 square foot synthetic ice facility, one of the biggest in the tri-state area, complete with locker-room and viewing area. Lessons can be either personal or small groups, usually 5-6 skaters.

Our Synthetic Ice Rink

Mission Statement:

The Hockey Farm’s goal is to provide quality hockey instruction at affordable prices in a casual, low instructor-to-student ratio environment. The Hockey Farm facility will be open all year round to train your child with cutting edge technology.

The surface is 30x60 ft, this allows for power skating, stick handling and shooting enhancement. This surface allows for players of all ages to lace up their skates and improve their skills in a one on one environment or small clinics without having to pay exorbitant costs for ice time at a local rink.

The Hockey Farm
Brendan Reilly Jr., Owner
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 | 973-409-4362 | E-mail
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